Creativity is one of the main cores of my life. I grew up on the edge of Manchester, surrounded by hills and fields, amazing landscapes which inspired imagination and taught me beauty. I took this appreciation with me when I moved to London in 2004. Back then I worked in the evenings as a theatre technician in the West End and after the shows I would go out into London with my camera and explore.

The camera provides an opportunity to show something I feel or see and it offers a window through which I can view the world differently. To spend time really looking at a piece of architecture, a landscape, or a tree, finding the details that so often pass by in the blur of a day, is a kind of magic for the soul.

Photographing people I get to share space and time with someone, to take part in their world and to capture moments of beauty that flutter into the space we create together. A look, a smile, a laugh, a thought, they show on our faces, in our body language, our hair, our eyes. It is a privilege to witness and to save the moment, the memory for others to see.

When not photographing I can be found performing improv comedy, spending time with friends and family and exploring. I recently was fortunate enough to work with a phenomenal team writing and co-producing my first short film, ‘Happiness’, which will be released in 2018!